Marriage agency offers dating with single Russian and Ukrainian women. Many of them live,living, work or working or study in England, many in Russia and Ukraine, but want to get married and move to Uk - Great Britain

‘Russian Blue Cat’ is the most popular search phrase in the world which is related to Russia. In addition, foreigners are interested in traditional nesting dolls, fur hats and Russian brides.

Google staff conducted an interesting study: what other things can be associated in other countries with Russia. The most popular pet in the United Kingdom –is a Russian blue cat, it is the most popular searches in the world associated with Russia so far,’- according to the search engine. If we are talking about the other animals requests- the French are looking for ‘Russian hamsters’, and the Japanese – ‘Russian turtles.’

Meanwhile, the residents of France, Spain and Japan are not only interested in pets, they also hope to find a soul mate ; most often they are searching a web and reading the information about Russian women. At the same time none does need Russian men, according to Google)). He said that the United Kingdom is the only country where the need is not ‘Russian women’ but specific ally ‘Ukrainian brides.’

There are many reasons that push men from well-developed countries to look for a life partner among the residents of the former Soviet Union. The most important one is emancipation. More specifically it means that the majority of ladies- the residents of the United States and Europe refuse to play the traditional role of women in general, in the family in particular. Men do not dream about the career builders, all they want is a natural harmony. No wonder they pay attention to the girls from Ukraine and Russia. Those women are still willing to be just wives and mothers, and do not launch the satellites or run the corporations.

In addition, Ukrainian women are usually well-educated ladies; they are great communicators, speak foreign languages ​​and are able to find a job in their new homeland. In addition, they are not afraid to leave their country and start a new life from 0.

That is why Russia and Ukraine are the largest marriage markets in the world. The disadvantage is that the Slav women are extremely popular in European countries as well. These women are very romantic but not too shy.

If you are looking for an exotic, the Slav women are not a very good option - in fact, apparently they are not too different from the majority of European women. However, their temperament and refined Slavic charm work as love catchers for many men.