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English education is byword. The education system in the UK, adjusted and tuned as a Swiss watch. No wonder, rich people from around the world prefer to send their children to study in England. Besides the actual education children receive good manners and self-learning experience, a tendency to study science and the necessary communication skills. Since most of the powerful in their time studying in the English school, college or university, they are fairly easy to find a common language literally and figuratively.
Education in schools in England begins when the kids are four years! At this age a child enters the primary school. Of course, elementary school classes are held in the form of a game, and kids get only the initial skills of independent learning and gathering material for a given teacher topics.
Studing in primary schools lasts until the age of eleven. This is followed by secondary school.
During the period of schooling for children are imparted some needed in everyday life rules and skills. In particular, the sober attitude toward money and charity. Most schools hold all sorts of charity events, and the money sent to orphanages and children's hospices, homeless funds.
English School is the institution with a strict schedule and iron discipline. Began studying at the age of four to get used to a strict order, and the children of immigrants often have uneasy. It is worth to pay attention and prepare in advance a scion of a fairly strict school regime.
In families children are taught to self-sufficiency, in particular, to take independent decisions. This children are given some freedom of choice, not to be confused with license - the order in a room and homework has not been canceled, but the time for these activities and priorities for their implementation may determine by the child.


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