Marriage agency offers dating with single Russian and Ukrainian women. Many of them live,living, work or working or study in England, many in Russia and Ukraine, but want to get married and move to Uk - Great Britain

United Kingdom is rather expensive country, even we can say that the most expensive country in the world. The British pound, is not the most expensive currency, but the main cause of high prices. Prices in Britain are much higher than the highest in Europe, and even Switzerland is not a competitor to the United Kingdom.
Accordingly, the revenues of Englishmen are decent. The average British engineer gets paid in 1000 - 5000 pounds (2-10 thousand U.S. dollars). The level of wages in most companies depend on qualifications, seniority and experience.
In London, Manchester and other major cities the headquarters of major international corporations and trusts, banks and funds are concentrated, which employ millions of employees. The salaries of average clerk can be 800 - 1200 pounds per month. However, instead of, a company usually offers a significant bonus and benefits - such as rental fees, annual paid vacation, including airfare, free breakfasts and lunches, interest-free loans and mortgages.
Private entrepreneurs in the UK are also not troubled. A good doctor, lawyer or architect tends to become a frilanser - private specialist, free from bosses pressure and close corporate framework. Freelancers are very common in the UK and make up almost a third of the English middle class. And in some industries, such as law, or dentistry, the vast majority of freelancers are working. Typically, freelancers earn significantly more working in the company of colleagues, but also the responsibility they have incomparably more. In particular, we need to pay their own taxes, allot yourself some money in a pension fund to pay for health insurance, etc.
Ordinary workers in the UK are not a curse. Powerful trade unions and professional associations for several decades have transformed the British workingman in a man with a capital letter, with extensive rights and gets a good stable wages (700 - 1500 pounds). Basically, if you decide to marry a simple English working amn, hungry existence you just are not threatened. Another thing is that for the most part of ordinary workers it is often to miss the one or two cup of beer or ale, and sometimes a glass of spirits before sleeping.


Russian women and Britain tradition

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