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British family is the closed institution. Family relationships are not taken to make out, even for close relatives. If you expect to share the secret with relatives, your efforts will likely fail, you simply will not be heard, and you'll be found as a strange person. All family conflicts in Britain agreed to decide within the family and not to resort to using third-party arbitrators. Keep in mind that social services are very reluctant intervene in family affairs, if it is not taken already strained form, subject to the Criminal Code. Even if your husband will be a tyrant and a despot, even if he will release you from home, humiliating and harass, to seek protection and assistance, you probably can not - no one would ever interfere in your family relationships for no apparent reason. And these causes are usually in the form of bruises and abrasions, appear by no means always - the average Englishman is a connoisseur of the laws and rarely breaks them directly, preferring to balance on the brink.
How often do Russian wives fall into the clutches of such domestic tyrants? Unfortunately, quite often. Ponder, who often looks for a wife in Eastern Europe? People for some reason desperate to find a spouse at home, in his usual circle. The reasons can be various. It is good, if it's just a passion for Slaviv women, and much worse, if the hidden complexes or emotional distress. In such case, due to English laws, Russian wife would have a difficult life.
Russian woman in the English family
To marry an Englishman means to adopt the local lifestyle and local habits. Well, at first you need to understand these habits and characteristics.
To marry a representative of the middle class - it is, in principle, is not unusual. Here Russian brides are normally adopted. At least, without any stimulation and without the explicit horror.
But to marry an aristocrat, representative of the influential family it is another matter. Such marriages, of course, there are, but very few of them. The influential aristocratic families usually live on their canons and traditions, and marriage to a commoner does not fit into these foundations. But now, even the highest aristocracy marrying with movie stars, sports and show business stars. But in Britain this can be considered as the exception rather than the rule. But Russian wives are in British aristocratic families. As a rule the wife is the offshoots of Russian noble families, whose ancestors fled Russia before or during the Revolution. Of course, these women are more English than Russian, they got the local education and training, and they speak Russian a little


Russian women and Britain tradition

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