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The main feature of the British national is the politeness. Politeness in Britain is in the rank of religion. Everybody smiles, thanks, apologizes...
The English are reticent. Their reticence occasionally borders on the stiffness. It is not accepted to snoop, to discuss neighbors or colleagues, make comments and let outsiders barbs. Many people think that the British are cold in communication. Although in fact it is not right. Just in a number of reasons the private life is considered inviolable in Britain, and intervention in privacy is mauvais ton. That is why britains keep the calm, even seeing that neighbor in need the assistance, while the person ask him to help. It is clear that to extremes, this feature does not reach - drowning or dying in a fire still save, without waiting for the request.
British people are old-fashioned. This is reflected both in the country's politics and in everyday life.
For many years, Britain formally retains its rights to some countries, which are still considered as the colonies. Of course, no visible impact on these countries Britain does not have, but citizens of these countries continue to take an oath to the British Queen.
In England, is still prevalent and operates the old system of weights and measures. Pinto, pounds and inches, and their conversion to liters, and grams meters complicates international trade and industrial relations and does not correspond to logic and common sense, as well as left-sided movement. However, the British did not even think change anything.


Russian women and Britain tradition

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