Facts about big boob women

Remember that your big boob girl so far (at least at heart) believes in "love to the grave." Therefore, do not forget to say that love is the ultimate feeling, without which neither you nor anyone else could not exist on earth. Think poems about love, life stories, which would serve as confirmation of this great feeling.

Any big boob woman wants to find a life partner, the greater part of it does. Do not forget to mention about the sanctity of marriage. Tell me, what if you were married, would have made life of his wife this tale: would suit romantic dinners by candlelight, sometimes came to work early to arrange a small celebration, went to his wife in nature, and much more. Girls unconditionally believe these words.

Show your girlfriend how important your family home is, how much you love your parents, siblings and grandparents. Confirm that the words tell a few stories from your childhood, related to your family, and that you dreamed of a family that you want to create. Create a perfect image in front of her family.

After a drawn image of a family, we must supplement your children. Show the girl how much you love children. Tell her about your nephew (if you have one): that he is charming, cute, funny, how much you love him and how he would have wanted to have two or three of the same.

Tell her about your best friend. About how you value his friendship, and how you are willing to support him in difficult times. Remember, big boob women never have these friends, but they are struggling to demonstrate that it is not, so they are zealously defending the concept of true friendship and so appreciate it.

Think that she, like many people, is already sick of the huge number of dishonest people around. Therefore, you should just say that you prefer to build relationships with people based on sincerity, as she guided female logic, immediately draw the conclusion that you're an honest man, and she can trust you.

Do not forget that the big boobs girls do not like insecure men who do not have goals in life. So, even if you do not possess a considerable degree of these qualities, try to prove their existence with words. Tell her about your favorite reality in which you aspire to achieve something. Take responsibility for everything, when necessary, if you're near her. Make decisions independently. And then you are one step closer to the image of the ideal man.

Now in our life Money play a big role. And with the condition that women are often practical, this item will be very important to them. So show her your financial security, at least in the long term. Show her a car, apartment, cottage, if you have any. Tell her what awaits her in the near future. And your stock will rise by several points.

Whatever the saying, many girls are don't like when a man is smoking and drinking alcohol. Especially using them in large doses. Therefore, nondrinkers and nonsmokers are worth their weight in gold. Pretend this, and it will inspire yourself that you are her ideal. But the ideal is known to want to lose the least.

Show her your talents: read poetry, play guitar, draw, write novels. Use your resources to achieve the final result. Remember, if you can repeat all this writing to your woman on a big boob dating site, then you will be her man of her dreams.