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East of England is the region which is situated in the east of England. It includes six ceremonial counties, as well as several unitary and metropolitan regions. Administrative Center of East of England is the city of Cambridge. The largest city is Luton with the population of 185,000 inhabitants. The population of the region is 5,388,000 people. The region takes the fourth place among the regionsin population. There are so many interesting places and attractions to see in Easten England. Region East England is located on the place of the ancient kingdom of East Anglia and consists of Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk. The region is located not far from London and has two large airports (London Luton and London-Stansted) and the port of Harwich. Among the inhabitants of England we can often meet the Russians. Russians bides are very popular for englishmen. Hundreds of single men from England are discovering for love and happieness among Russian unattached women for many months and years. Single men dream to find russian wife. Nowadays it is really possible to meet russian women in England.
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