Mostly negative stereotypes dominate mainly about Russians. The same about women. Books are written, films and broadcasts are shot which support this stereotype, for instance Meet the Russians show with clowns throwing their money about from the whole former USSR and show it as a typical Russian life in London. For Western philistine a ‘Russian one' means a representative of any Slavic folk on the territory of the former USSR.
Here are the stereotypes:
1. Ukrainian women are mercantile, they are gold-diggers. And if a British man is poor, a woman definitely needs his passport.
2. Brides from Ukraine are very demanding in their relationships, and they need a macho and a Tarzan.
3. Russian girls are capricious and bitchy.

Slavic women often marrying a British often face a problem of their husband's family not accepting them. It occurs oftener than one may think. However, one can very rarely hear that British were not accepted by any other nationalities. It's about racism and xenophobia, but it is not applied to Russian women. Russian and Ukrainian can be treated as one wishes, it also concerns husbands.
If a British man has been to Russia and has Russian friends, his opinion about Russians changes for good and he often comes back thrilled to bits. Russians are charming people, they are open, kind and sympathetic.
‘Every Englishman comes to Russia being a Russophobe and comes back being a Russophile.' George N. Kerzon.
Not long ago a very interesting article was published in the Daily Mail. An amateur writer by order of the edition met Russian girls in London in order to understand what they want. The article is called ‘Invasion of the Russian Gold Diggers'. The article's meaning is easy to understand by its title: a guy had several dates with Ukrainian girls, they went to expensive restaurants and he was surprised that they always expected that he would pay their bills, they read the menu not from the right to the left, as is right and proper on a date with a British gentleman, but vice versa, and they were awful gold-diggers in general. The most notable thing in the article is its conclusion. Here is what the author writes:
Let me warn excited Englishmen who hope for an easy catch and a quick escape.
These Russian women are not naive dollies. And it's not a one-night escort with a girl willing to go to an expensive restaurant with you, drink some champagne and go home on a taxi. They are hot, they are young and beautiful, but they are wittier than you are and more resolute, and probably even taller than you are. That's why think better before you get acquainted with an unmarried Russian girl. Believe me, you'll have to pay a high price for it.